Modernization/Evaluation Services

Every building is unique in its utilization and design. Selection of the best equipment that will enhance and upgrade building functions is extremely important when considering a capital investment. Making that selection is often filled with uncertainty and confusion. We assist you in that decision with:

  • Analyzing the existing equipment.
  • Traffic surveys & evaluating pedestrian movement.
  • Schedules of what stays and what goes.
  • Plan and specification development for adapting new equipment to best meet existing conditions along with cost estimates and preparation of clearly written stand alone contract documents.
  • Onsite quality control management available throughout the modernization.

New Construction Services

There is nothing more detrimental to a building owner's bottom-line than an under-elevatored building or systems that were sold as state-of-the-art technology but fail to deliver consistent reliability. Further pitfalls are all too often found at the end of the initial warranty period when owners find themselves limited in purchasing competitive maintenance service due to the proprietary nature of some manufacturers computerized control systems. TRE provides critical evaluations and comparisons of the major manufacturers' systems to allow you to make informed decisions on which manufacturer best suites your specific needs and budget. We provide your project with the design and development services plus the specifications and project management necessary to take the project from its inception through to turnover and beyond with protective maintenance specifications to protect your investment and leave nothing to chance.

Our new construction services provide all of the following:

  1. Analyzing the vertical transportation requirements of the project.
  2. Summarizing the design criteria in order to select an optimal system.
  3. Design assistance with cabs, entrances and fixtures.
  4. Projected cost estimates and timetables.
  5. CAD drawings.
  6. Outline and final specifications, bid documents.
  7. Installation supervision, review of shop drawings for specification compliance.
  8. Construction conferences, regular jobsite visits, work in progress evaluations, progress payment evaluation approval.
  9. Final acceptance inspections and deficiency punch list compilations.
  10. Securing from the installer all the necessary diagnostic tools and technical materials required for the buildings future maintenance requirements.

Maintenance Consulting Services

We have found that many clients have little idea what their service company is providing or is supposed to provide to properly maintain the units. We ensure that our clients are receiving fair value from their service company. A good preventative maintenance program may eliminate the need for that costly new equipment or major repair which your service company has mentioned. Our Maintenance Audits reduce the risks associated with improperly maintained equipment. We provide our clients with an in-depth understanding of the condition of their equipment.

  • We survey your existing units to evaluate performance levels, code compliance, auditing the general maintained condition of the systems and establish proper performance standards.
  • We compare your existing service contracts with the findings of our formal examination and provide you with a quality control evaluation report on your service company's contractual compliance. Highlighted are any equipment deficiencies discovered.
  • Working with you and your elevator service company we establish work schedules for the service provider in order to ensure the established performance standards. We advise when system upgrades are necessary.
  • Scheduled quality control surveys can be provided to guarantee the necessary levels of maintenance are continually performed.
  • We develop contractual agreements for client oriented performance based maintenance services and assist in the coordination, bidding and execution of the contracts for an individual property or a national contract.
  • Maintenance programs are designed to safeguard your capitol investment against premature wear


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