Laminate in Hat Design and T-Bar Ceiling

Hat Metal Design With Downlight Ceiling

Laminate Against Stainless Front Wall

Hat Metal Design And Downlight Ceiling

Stainless Front Wall

Horizontal Panels And Satin Stainless Ceiling

Custom Ceiling With Square Trim Lights

Textured Laminate Stainless Mesh Ceiling

Stainless Band Reveals

Mirrored Ceiling

Spandrel Glass Upper Wall

Wood Laminate Wall With Reveals

Black Wall Against Mirror Ceiling

Custom Black Wood Trim And Laminate

Bonded Metal Resin Panels

Bonded Metal Resin Cab

Dark Smoked Mirror Upper Back Wall

Vibe Finish Stainless Steel

Vibe Finish Stainless Steel Panels

Resin Panels Top Brass Detail

3D Effect Resin Panels

Mixed Colors and Stainless Rail Band

Vertical Stainless Band

Stainless Mesh Ceiling Tiles

Real Wood Panels And Mirror Back Wall 

Stainless Steel Panels 

Custom Zebra Wood Ceiling With Flush Trim Rings

Stainless Mesh Side Wall And Mirror Back Wall

Multi Color Laminate Wall

hospital strecher depth cab

Back-painted glass uppers and stainless lowers


soffett lighting