Routine Maintenance

As a building owner or property manager, maintaining your elevator, complying with safety and code requirements, and keeping your elevator riders safe is an important part of managing your business. We believe the key to safe and reliable elevator performance is regular preventive maintenance visits, performed by skilled elevator technicians. Add rapid response in emergency situations and a fair price for the service, and you have the best value in the industry today!

 TRE Elevators offers very competitive routine service contracts. We currently accept service contracts in the greater Los Angeles area.

Our Hydro Service contract typically includes the following:

  1. Fully Trained Union Journeymen Mechanics

  2. Routine examination of elevator for mechanical or safety problems.

  3. Supply Lubricants and hydraulic oils as needed.

  4. Adjustments for smooth operation as needed.

  5. Replace non-working button and indicator lights as needed.

  6. Repair or replace wiring as needed to maintain proper operation.

  7. Repair or replace most worn parts as needed.

  8. Clean machine room, pit and car top as needed

Coverage area

Parts typically covered include:

Pump Unit, Motor, Muffler and Controller Parts
Valves, Gears, Thrusts, Bearing, Valve Magnet Coils or Valve Motors, Packing, Windings, Commutators, Rotating Elements, Coils, Resistance for Operating and Motor Circuits, Magnet Frames and other mechanical parts - using only quality parts for this purpose.


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