New Construction

TRE Elevators can provide complete installation service from start to finish and done right the first time!

At TRE Elevators, we specialize in the construction and installation of hydraulic and traction elevators for commercial, residential, and industrial facilities in both new and existing buildings.

Before, during and after the installation of your elevator system, TRE Elevatorís team of professionals will be there to make sure your elevator system is not only correct for your needs but operating at its peak performance.

Before your construction project begins

We will work hard to provide all of the assistance and information needed to prepare for the project.

 This assistance includes:

  • Cost estimation.

  • Drawing layouts for initial design which include dimensional data

  • Complete specifications for the project

  • A field survey of existing building

  • Job scheduling for the project



During your construction project

Our highly-qualified construction teams will install your new system in a professional and timely manner. We will monitor and inspect all work provided by our vendors. additionally we will provide continuous updates on project status. We work closely with the GC and others to insure the smoothest installation possible.

After your elevator is complete

 To keep your elevators operating safely, reliably, and efficiently TRE Elevators Can provide you with a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program. With our trained technicians on the job, you can be sure that your elevators are well-maintained and operating safely and that your concerns and needs will be met..



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